Holiday Web Service

With no programming required, you can add the dates of Holidays to your Google Desktop and personalized Google homepage by using our new gadget!

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Do you want to add these Holidays to your site? You can add this gadget to your site! No coding required!

Countries Supported

United States
Great Britain & Wales
Northern Ireland
Republic of Ireland

Services Available

Note! if you are here to find the dates of specific holidays because you searched for "national holidays", "federal holidays" or "bank holidays", you can use this site to view the dates of holidays for a specific year.

Version 2 - HolidayService2

Version 2 has simplified the Holiday Web Service to be based off of a single class. The output of the services uses a collection of objects rather than the bulky .NET Dataset. This decreases the volume of data that is passed over the wire resulting in quicker responses from the service. Additionally, moving away from the serialized .NET Dataset object allows the Holiday Web Service to be more environment agnostic. Most importantly... the v2 services introduced additional countries!

The HolidayService2 services allows developers to retrieve holiday dates based on a provided country code and date ranges.

Version 1

For backwards compatibility, the version 1 services are still supported. Note, that not all countries are available in the version 1 services.

Stand-alone DLL / Non-Web Service Version

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