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v1 England and Wales Holiday Service (*** Deprecated ***)

Note! if you are here to find the dates of specific holidays because you searched for "national holidays", "federal holidays" or "bank holidays", you can use this site to view the dates of holidays for a specific year.

Note: this is a version 1 service; the version 1 services have been deprecated and has been replaced with the v2 services.


The Scotland Holiday Service allows developers to retrieve holiday dates based on date ranges.

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GetHolidaysAvailable (returns Dataset)
Parameter Value Description
* None
GetHolidayDate (returns Date)
Parameter Value Description
holidayName String (required) The holiday key name. See Holiday Key Names for more information.
year Integer (required) The year to calculate the date of the holiday.
GetHolidaysForDateRange (returns Dataset)
Parameter Value Description
startDate Date (required) Date to start retrieving holidays. Suggested format, YYYY-MM-DD.
endDate Date (required) Date to end retrieving holidays. Suggested format, YYYY-MM-DD.
GetHolidaysForMonth (returns Dataset)
Parameter Value Description
month Integer (required) Month number to retrieve holidays.
year Integer (required) Year to retrieve holidays.
GetHolidaysForYear (returns Dataset)
Parameter Value Description
year Integer (required) Year to retrieve holidays.

Current Version

1.2.1 (*** Deprecated; replaced by v2 services ***, see Change History)

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